moves to replace/refresh the Modules and Plugins Database


The Modules and Plugins Database is the treasure chest of Moodle addons and extensions which we’ve grown to love.  Testing new modules and plugins released through that database is both fun and rewarding (because there are so many ways to extend Moodle through new resources, new activities, new blocks, course formats, themes and more).

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The new initiative, announced by Sam Hemelryk (Moodle HQ Core Developer) will replace the use of the Database is getting underway slowly and Moodle HQ is seeking community feedback on the proposal which can be read here: Development:Modules_and_plugins_replacement_proposal.  The new system would be an extension to Moodle itself (a plugin) rather than a heavily modified Database activity (which it is currently).  The proposed plugin’s design is making every effort to create a system which is at least as good as the current database with a lot of potential to be a greater resource to the community.  A few key features which might accent the new design:

  • version control and tracking
  • extension of the site-wide roles already created and managed
  • improved stats for downloads, etc.
  • greater categorization and organization of plugins
  • greater usability.

Perhaps the biggest change would be a formalized and “trusted review system”.

Check out the proposal and discussion online at  You can also take a peek at some “mock ups” of the system [link, or below]

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  1. Unfortunately no, this is creating a better organization and vetting process at only. I’m not sure that the Plugin will be available to other sites; really it’s just to improve how the current plugins and themes are organized, shared, rated, updated, etc.

  2. Downloading modules from this database from within Moodle is part of the design and will be finished later, once the database is fully operational.


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