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My current favourite thing about Moodle 2 is the combination of activity completion tracking and conditional activities. With these two additions it has become so much easier for us as staff to keep track of student progress on our courses, and for the students to understand how they should move through the courses we build.

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This week I wanted to highlight the Progress block by Michael de Raadt. A simple install like every other Moodle block, and then just add it to your course.

After adding the block you have to tell it which activities you would like it to track, and then every student gets their own personal progress tracker on your page.

In a simple little block view it tracks the activities I haven’t finished. Hovering over the coloured squares gives me more detail about the activity. And, a feature I particularly like, a link to that activity so I can go and do it.

The red/green are the obvious complete/not complete colours, the blue indicates an activity that I haven’t yet viewed.

Which activities to track gives a teacher much more fine-grained control than I was expecting. In addition to selecting which of your course activities the block follows you can make decisions about what condition defines complete. Is viewing an activity enough? Maybe it isn’t complete until you have marked the activity, or a forum considered complete once a student has contributed.

As a teacher, the block also presents me with an overview of all my students. The screen shot above shows the 2 students on my test course. Obviously this isn’t presenting me with data I couldn’t also get from the markbook, but I really like the clear colour coding for quickly picking up on student progress. This screen is also something I would consider displaying on my whiteboard during class so the group could see how they were getting on.

The Progress Block is a really nice addition to your Moodle setup, go get it now. Available for 1.9 and 2.x.

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