One of my favourite add-on modules for Moodle is the Lightbox Gallery Resource. If you’re still a 1.x school and haven’t seen and installed this you really should get it now… Simple, fast & visually appealing way to add a gallery style component to your courses.

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The bad news is we found on upgrading one of our partner schools to 2.0 that the Lightbox Gallery doesn’t have an updated version to go with it yet.

Cue some searching of the modules and plugins directory and we have found the Image Slideshow activity. As the description on the Moodle site tells you- upload your images, add your titles and captions, the activity then does the building of thumbnails and resizing of images for you.

There is also a neat autoplay slideshow feature- good for those parents evenings where you need to come up with something to put on your classroom projector at the last minute because you forgot to plan something in advance..

And, for those wondering about the lightbox version… You can keep an eye on the migration process in the tracker here.

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