Moodle Flavours–a site admin setting replication tool–now available in the Plugin Repository


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Moodle Flavours, which was one of the Google Summer of Code projects for 2011 by David Monllaó has just been released.  This is a pretty cool tool for managing multiple Moodle sites and sharing the settings between them through an import/export process.

According to the documentation page,

With this plugin Moodle Administrators will be able to create a flavour from their installation, selecting which settings, plugins and language packs will be packaged into a compressed file. They can then, share the package with the Moodle community, store it as a backup or use it to replicate the flavour to other installations they manages. It could also be useful for administrators with little Moodle experienced, allowing them to explore Moodle settings and setup recommended by others.

One cool advantage of this tool would be replicating the specific settings and administration settings that make a Moodle ready for self-enrollment or to sell courses.  It’s easily replicable and share-able between sites saving time and effort for the Admin.

Learn more at

For information on the other two SCORM related projects that took place this GSOC session:

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