Moodle Beauty Pageant update: check this sweet Moodle out


I’m collecting images of the best Moodle sites (and courses) right now so that we can share them as motivation and inspiration to teachers and course builders.  I’ve already received a few great submissions, but wanted to share one that I found specifically which is a great example of a beautiful Moodle.  The hard work, skill and dedication to creating a positive learning environment all shine through.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

If you’ve got a great Moodle that you’d like to submit to be shown off, submit it at

The Moodle is at  The video, narrated by Tim Barrett, helps highlight all of it’s features and design is embedded below [direct link:].


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  1. Is it fair to say that there is a very limited number of attractive and polished Moodle themes available for 2.0? I think we would both be in agreement that the default theme is archaic looking and desperately needs skinning.

    Do you know of any premium template sites that see a market for Moodle themes? I would LOVE to get my Moodle 2.0 looking like it belongs in 2011.

  2. Greg, there are some great themes that come with Moodle 2.0 and others available in the theme repository at In addition I’ve seen some really great ones through the New School Learning contest (Splash, was the winner and is quite nice).

  3. This looks like an awesome way to use the new course completion feature in Moodle 2.0… thanks for finding it! we may try and implement something like this for our new professional development course.


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