Moodle and Gaming presentation by @Lasic


The Australian Flexible Learning Framework hosted its recent Learn 11- E-learning conference and Tomaz Lasic presented a session titled “Level Up: Learning to Moodle with games”.  The session slides are available at  Definitely not as good as I can imagine Tomaz’s presentation was in person but the slides do include some cool ideas, illustrations and a really helpful video.

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One of the best takeaways? If you’re trying to “gamify” Moodle remember that all games have a specific goal.  To use an example from the presentation, if you’re trying to make a game of staff learning Moodle the goal is not “100% of staff learn Moodle” the goal is “all staff earn 80 points in Moodle”.  From one of the videos, “learning is never the explicit goal”.

Presentation link: