The 1st ever free Moodle Moot Virtual Conference kicks off Wednesday with a full slate of sessions on WizIQ.  This 11am session is getting put on by Salvor Gissuardotti of Iceland and will discuss both the migration to Moodle as well as Moodle usage in a higher education setting.  According to the session landing page:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

This action research study seeks to show in which ways tools such as Moodle and Blackboard can be used to foster learning or become barrier to learning in certain cases in learner centered project based course where students have to create together and/or remix from OER resources or create from scratch what they use in their projects and how course structure reflects the emerging changes in learning environment. Media course using open source software tools and CC licensed remix material was run in one year teacher education going from Blackboard to Moodle as the LMS tool with both distance learners and on campus learners and with instructors from both art and technology.

To check out more of the sessions visit or

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