This is a special “Gone Moodle” which highlight’s one University’s transition to Moodle including fanfare and cartoons.  Meet Steve, the Moodle Doodle who helped make it happen below.

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To raise awareness of their transition from Blackboard to Moodle 2.0 recently the University of Lethbridge (@ulethbridge) employed a cartoon character (dubbed the Moodle Doodle).  The character later became known simply as “Steve” and is quite the looker.

Brad Reamsbottom has posted the information and Steve’s back story in the forums and is offering up the materials to anyone else waging an awareness campaign on campus: click here.  Steve is available to make Moodle-related appearances on your campus in materials, it’s just asked that you connect with Brad and his team (try through’s forums for now) to let him know how/where/why you’re using his image.

According to Brad’s post,

To raise awareness of a LMS change on the University of Lethbridge  campus (Blackboard to Moodle), we created a fun campaign that used a cartoon character to carry our message. The character we developed is in the shape of the letter “I” to represent information. We topped it off with the Moodle graduate hat to associate it with Moodle. In the process of developing the campaign we began referring to the character as “Steve”.

In the spirit of openness, the University of Lethbridge would like to share their efforts that helped make Moodle 2.0 a success on our campus

Here is a link to a zip file [see the original forum post for more information] that contains a variety of images that you can use to increase awareness about Moodle on your campus. These images are being shared to promote Moodle on your campus only. All we ask in return is that you email us and let us know who you are and how you are using these materials.

Need to bring more attention to your Moodle? Steve can help.


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