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mBot is developed by CodeGuild, an educational software developer (the same that brought Tapped In to educators).  This app is specifically for Android OS phones and tablets and is currently available in the Android App Marketplace.  There is a detailed review already by Ken Task.

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First impressions: easy to login and easy to save multiple Moodle accounts for easy access later.  Once logged in, a list of your courses is available right off and it’s one click access to what appears to be the standard course layout for mBot, a list of resources/activities with the frequency of their use listed (Assignment – 7, Forum – 6, Grade – 8, Lesson – 1, etc.).  I would liken it in utility to the Activities block in any standard Moodle course.  Clicking any of them will give you a list of the resources/activities by type.  It appears though, that clicking on level deeper just opens the resources in a web page (displaying the resources/activities as if you’d accessed them via the Android web browser.

One positive is that the breadcrumb navigation sticks throughout your mBot session (unfortunately its not large enough for my fat fingers to use easily).


  • The app is free, but is ad supported which is a downside for some (though ads are by Admob and were Rated G for my whole testing session)
  • Navigation is straightforward, but any contextualization of resources and activities is lost using the app
  • Resources and activities open in a web browser (why not just use the web browser?)
  • Session info is stored for easy access (this was the biggest allure of the app, but some might raise security concerns since you’re never “logged out”)

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