In this post, I explain how YOU can fortify your  standard Moodle forum by getting  the non-standard mods Marginalia and Nangong to co-exist in harmony.  With Marginalia you can annotate forum posts, whilst with Nanagong you can embed voice recordings. As Hannah Montana would sing, “it’s the best of both worlds!“. At least on a Moodle 1.9 site.

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This is actually a followup post on Marginalia, the free Moodle annotation tool. On Moodlenews, I had also earlier posted on how to tweak the colors of the mod to suit your Moodle theme. Installing Marginalia affected the Nanogong playback.  Nanogong could not playback any recorded audio! However, this has now changed with my discovery of how to make Marginalia work with Nanogong in a Moodle forum.

The following video demonstrates that is now possible:


To find out how to make Marginalia and Nanogong work in the same forum, click here.

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