If you have been following Lewis Carr’s blog you would have known that the intrepid VLE manager and his technical team have been on a quest. To be exact, a Moodle 2 upgrade quest of epic proportions. But they’ve done it. By George they’ve done it! I’m talking about the Lewis Carr, Sukhwant Lota and the Moodle boffins at Leeds City College.

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How did it start?

Come with me for a little flashback if you will. In an earlier post on January 1st 1970…erm…2011 (little joke here, see if you can catch it by reading this post), Lewis deliberates on his decision, then justifies his action with precision and clarity.

To upgrade or not to upgrade? That is the question. Well my answer is…upgrade! … Unfortunately, due to the size of the organisation, our custom tweaks, third party plug-ins and staff training needs, an upgrade isn’t going to be easy.

Read more here.

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