Tomaz Lasic announced recently that he is returning to the classroom after around 18 months at Moodle HQ.  A sad day for Moodle HQ and but a happy one for sure for the school receiving his full-time employment.

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Over the past year Tomaz has worked on several projects at Moodle HQ, including the full reorganization of the Moodle Docs, the Mt. Orange School site, Water and all of the great Moodle 2 feature videos.  Each is a great contribution to the community and will be lasting resources for Moodlers globally.

Three cheers for Tomaz and I wish him the best of luck in his new job.  I look forward to following his adventures at

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  1. Thank you Joseph & fellow moodlers. As stated in the post, may be leaving a job at Moodle HQ but definitely aren’t leaving Moodle – how could I ? Moodle has been and will forever remain a tool that helped me and many others significantly change our professional practice as educators.

    Leaving HQ will probably give rise to new opportunities, videos, collaborations, presentations, connections and resources that may not have been possible before.

    Thank you for your continuous support of HQ and me personally. I look forward to bumping into you in person at a moot somewhere soon.



  2. Good luck Tomaz! Invest in the children of today for a better tommorow. Those are the real living mods, blocks and filters of this planet. Shape their destiny and be enriched in the very process.


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