Keynote Slides from @Moodler’s Moodlemoot Japan Keynote #MootJP11


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Above is a photo from the offering the Moodlers in Japan made in order to secure a safe, positive and smooth release of the next Moodle version.  The offering was made at a temple near the Moot at Kochi University of Technology and was signed by the local Moodle Association’s officers (and Martin).  More Moot Japan info at

Below you’ll find a copy (embedded) of Martin Dougiamas’s presentation from the Japan Moodlemoot 2011 which was held last week.  The presentation is similar to Martin’s main keynote about Moodle 2.0 and the future of Moodle.  Around slide 33 Martin highlights the various projects which have released Mobile Moodle apps and the Moodle HQ plan for an official mobile product.  Worth a peek [direct link:]: