Ali Özgür and his team at PragmaTouch have just released their newest Moodle app for mobile (iPad) in the form of MoodlEZ (MoodleEasy).  MoodleEasy is a specialized browser for use on the ipad which has special functionality to provide tools to help students upload and manage files for Moodle.  According to the release notes,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
MoodlEZ renders your Moodle site as is and provides you pop over hint when you hit a page which includes file uploads. MoodlEZ provides full support for Moodle 2.x modules and all roles (teacher, student and administrator) while we provide limited support to students for assignment, forums and glossary modules on Moodle 1.9.x.
Some highlights of MoodlEZ
– Browser your Moodle site as is
– Upload files
– Take photo or choose photo from album and upload
– Pick files from other apps (Dropbox, Box.NET, QuickOffice and all apps with Document Support) and upload
– Download files from any web site and upload to Moodle
– Downloads files from Moodle and send to other apps (Dropbox, Box.NET, QuickOffice and all apps with Document Support)
– Supports custom schemes (Mobicip Safe Browser and other browser with same functionality) and opens them with the registered app
– Multiple site support; define profiles and access all your moodle sites easily
– Remember address, username and password for multiple Moodle sites
– Login to your moodle site with just two touches
The most important aspect seems to be the added functionality for ease of file uploading and file management and multiple site management (handy for quick on the go access.  Rendering a Moodle page in a browser on the iPad works (and looks) great on the iPad web browser already.  No price is yet disclosed, stay tuned for a link to the actual app page.  Screen shots below or at, comment/discuss at
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