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Great news on the free Moodle hosting front recently, HRDNZ, an official Moodle Partner in New Zealand has launched as a free and open Moodle resource with an eye towards sharing.  There are various stipulations and conditions if you upload your course on the site (which beckons back to the sharing model) but it might be a viable hosting option for teachers who are at schools where Moodle isn’t available.

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According to Stuart Mealor’s post on,

We have recently launched a completely free Moodle hosting option.

You can visit and have a look around the documentation, read about why this has been created, its aims, and then join the community area.

One of the few conditions is that your course should be open for others, and you can’t charge for the course.  So it’s free Moodle hosting, for courses that are free for others.  You can however separate your own students from the public by using Groups and Groupings (an example might be for using Assignments).

This service does have some (understandable) conditions, but does come with the full backing of a Moode Partner, and no catches.  We think this is a really important development, and are looking for people who want to help too

In addition to Free the site is also multilingual (supporting French, Spanish and other languages) and promises to be a) continuous, no catches b) ad-free and c) always updated.  The main guiding principle of the site is simply this: “To provide educators and learners opportunities to change the world for the better through access to free education using Moodle”.  Sounds great.

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