Interesting Stats from @OpenUniversity on Mobile/Tablet use on their Moodle #mobile #mlearn


Open University has a really fantastic crew continually improving their Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle, which they are migrating slowly to Moodle 2.x) and adding timely features like an alternative mobile view for touch/smart phones and tablets.  If you’re interested in learning more about their Mobile and Moodle developments two blogs are listed below for reference:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

According to Rhodri Thomas, OU doesn’t have an “app for that” per se when it comes to Moodle, rather the mobile view which you can see in various iterations on the mLearn blog (and that current students use frequently) is provided through web page optimization for smaller screens and through changes to the CSS of the site themes.  Check out a screenshot of what Moodle might look like on a mobile below:

Most recently Rhodri posted an update [link] on mobile usage data that OU has been collecting and reported that around 10% of the student body is now using their mobile to access the student portal of OU (around 60% of those users are accessing Moodle using the same tool).  Additionally, Tablet access to the site has grown to 2% which perhaps speaks volumes to the growing popularity of iPads and other Tablet devices for mobile/browsing activities.

The most frequent activity performed by students accessing Moodle through a mobile browser/phone:

  • Reading updates and forum posts

Are you ready for Mobile access to your Moodle?

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