Kristian Still (@KristianStill) is on the ground and reporting from the UK Moot this year and has five recaps of the sessions he’s attended already posted at his blog:  For realtime updates from other participants you should watch the #MootUK11 Twitter stream:!/search?q=%23mootuk11.

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Here’s a full list of his postings/recaps:

  1. Day one Keynote: Gráinne Conole, Professor of e-Learning at the Open University
  2. Day one AM sessions
  3. Day one PM sessions
  4. Day two Keynote: Martin Dougiamas
  5. Day two knowledge cafe

Kristian’s created a great realtime resource for anyone who wants to get a feel for what’s happened on the ground in London at the UK Moot.  Check out his blog and twitter feed for more information: | @KristianStill.

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