Installing language packs to Moodle (Easy as un, deux, trois)


Adding a new language pack to Moodle an incredibly easy process.  As admin it’s just a matter of going to the language area of the Administration panel and clicking Language, then Language Packs.  From there it’s easy to install new packs to use on your Moodle for single foreign language courses, to help ESL students find their way more easily or to use site-wide in home languages for sites around the world.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The Language packs affect all of the general Moodle tools, prompts and titles throughout a course (or site) giving some important visual/text cues to students and teachers in the language of their choosing.  Here’s a quick video that highlights the installation of French language packs (and how to change them at the course level):

What do you use the different language packs for?

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