So you like using mindmaps, do you? Having fun time drawing all those little nodes and links on paper? Using highlighters and colour markers to spruce up the diagram, eh? Ever since Tony Buzan popularised the mind map in the 1970s, the world has never been the same. If you also use Moodle, then it might interest you to know that there is a free cloud-based mind map service from the Orient.

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OKmindmap is a cloud-based mindmap by a talented group of researchers at Kongu National University and JinoTech,  South Korea. This service is touted by its developers as the world’s first pure Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) based web mindmap technology. It is Freemind compatible, Web 2.0 feature-rich, and it has a Moodle plugin!

Here’s a Youtube video of the Mindmap in action:

To find out OKmindmap’s features, how to use it and how to integrate it with your Moodle site, read more at It’s a long read. Just nice for a lazy weekend afternoon, right old chap?

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