Worth the visit and definitely worth the follow on Twitter (@teachwithMoodle), “I Teach With Moodle” is an experienced Moodler/practitioner’s blog run by Frederic Nevers of St. Andrews International School.  Just a few posts and a videos so far (he only started in November 2010), the site has set the stage for some really great future posts and information on real world Moodling and customizations which go far beyond using Moodle in any traditional sense.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

What I find most intriguing about the site is the development page [http://www.iteachwithmoodle.com/development/], which outlines in great detail the three year journey of how Frederic and his school setup, designed and customized their Moodle installation.  The customizations provide streamlined student tracking, a great aesthetic design and most interestingly: a rewards system,

Students at my school can receive ‘credits’ for their academic achievements, or ‘House Points” for their achievement outside of the classroom.

If Hogwarts had a Moodle, this would probably be it. Seriously some exciting stuff.  Kudos to Frederic and his colleagues for working at this AND sharing their setup.

Thanks to Moodlefacts.nl for turning me onto this great site by posting Frederic’s Moodle Video [http://www.moodlefacts.nl/].

Checkout all the additional great images of the St. Andrews International School by clicking on the homepage screenshot below.

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