How to use the Meta Course function in Moodle 2.x


Meta courses are great ways to automatically give students the resources they need on a Moodle site without having to enroll them into two areas.  On several projects I’ve used Meta courses to speed up access to students and to create a 1 stop shop for supporting students that was easily update-able and centrally managed.

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In Moodle 1.9 Meta course management was at the course settings level where courses were either Meta courses or not.  Child courses were then managed through the administration block.  In Moodle 2.x Meta course links are managed through the enrollment plugins for a course (as long as this feature is enabled).

Thankfully Mary Cooch has a great video that highlights the Meta course link/enrollment plugin which can be indispensable to a Moodle.  Not that some roles may need to be changed in order to give teachers the ability to create their own course meta links once the plugin is enabled.

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