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WebAnywhere recently published an interesting white paper on the changing landscape of online learning/elearning and how it’s being impacted by the innovations large and small providing new ways to connect and learn online. From Google+ to Facebook for learning to Moodle and other free services the landscape is changing more towards social-oriented platforms and systems.

As we move into a new era of eLearning or Blended Learning we find ourselves in a completely new paradigm. Organizations now not only look to partner with custom content development houses, build content in house or simply buy the ‘off- the shelf’ type content, they also are looking at completely new modes of delivery of this content.

The market has further been distorted by open source platforms such as Moodle which have given companies the power to test eLearning before they make financial commitment. We have also seen other tools such as Screenr, Google apps, Youtube and DIM DIM (virtual classroom) all being used as free tools to deliver learning.

The authors go onto talk about the growing importance of Mobile web technologies and the rapid adoption of smart phone technology which, as of yet, has not made major in roads to elearning or education in general.  Mobile technology, Moodle and Social Learning, WebAnywhere suspects, are the major areas to watch in the next few years.

What do you think?  How can Moodle best capitalize on the future trends outlined in the paper or learn from the newest free social software available on the web?

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