How is Moodle is like the Green Bay #Packers?


Michael Feldstein (@mfeldstein67) recently interviewed @Moodlerooms CEO, Lou Pugliese about his history, experiences and current position with Moodlerooms, an official Moodle partner.  The interview, captured via Skype, highlights some very interesting history on Learning Management Systems (from CourseInfo, to WebCT, to Blackboard, Sakai, Moodle and more) and is worth the watch (it’s about an hour long, check it out here:

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One part that struck me was Lou’s timely analogy inferring that Moodle is similar to the Green Bay Packers.  If you’re not familiar, the Packers are American sports’ only non-profit franchise and are owned by over 100,000 thousand Americans through stock ownership (read more at Wikipedia:

Moodle’s ownership is managed by the Moodle Trust, which doesn’t have shareholders (or a board as far as I can tell).  I think more pointedly Lou was referring to the fact that Moodle’s development was community directed for the most part through participation at, the ability for 3rd parties to contribute code to the core (and via modules) and that the community was welcome to vote for and help manage/promote priorities for development through the Tracker.


Anyways, learn more about the history and future of LMS from Lou (the part about Joule is pretty interesting) by watching the complete interview.


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