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Here’s a quick video created by BBSCeLearning (@BBCS_eLearning of the Baptist Bible College and Seminary) that highlights creating matching questions in Hot Potatoes and then importing them to Moodle.  Great little tool for creating questions outside of Moodle for use in your course.  Find more information or download the Hot Potatoes quiz creation tool at

If you’re interested in more Hot Potatoes tutorials be sure to visit which has a huge resource (in many different languages) of videos and tutorials for getting started and “hacking” the HotPot module.

Direct video link:

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  1. I’m inclined to say that Hot Potatoes is on it’s way out, I’ve always found it a bit cumbersome when embedded into Moodle. I would rather create the quiz directly in Moodle and take the hit on drag and drop.

  2. @Sukhwant – agreed.
    I was also told this morning by our Desktop Apps guy it doesn’t work on Windows 7. Looks like will be doing more training for the staff who’ve just started using Hot Potates and actually like it!

  3. @Dave/@Sukhwant, I think there will always be a place for 3rd party quiz creation tools (Hot Potatoes is just one of many) which allow cross platform (or platform-independent deployment).

    I’m eager to check out the changes to the quiz/question engine in Moodle 2.0. Thanks for the comments!


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