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Here’s a plugin that allows you to set a max enrollment number for a course.  It’s a way to limit the number of total students who can self-enroll in your course.  According to the entry, once extracted/installed:

This setting specifies the maximum number of students that are allowed to be enrolled on the course. The number of available places will be displayed when a student tries to enroll on a course. When the number of students on a course reaches the maximum limit, no student will be able to enroll on a course (although an administrator will be able to assign a student). Note that if the maximum number of students is zero, there is no limit.

A few use-case scenarios for this cool tool from available in the Moodle addons repository [link:].

  1. If you’re selling courses it’s a great way to ensure that your course isn’t overbooked
  2. You could use this feature to allow students to signup for their own courses in a high school setting, each course having the max enrollments based on the room and becoming unavailable once capacity is reached
  3. If you’re using Moodle to let participants register for a face-to-face event in advance you can control the number of participants who can sign up
Pretty slick little tool with a lot of applications:
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