#GSOC 2011 Project: Moodle Flavours


Here’s an interesting project proposal which will be the focus of one student’s Google Summer of Code (GSOC) for Moodle this year: Moodle Flavours.  The project is aimed at providing easily replicable Moodle sites by way of packaged settings, themes, addons and language packs/settings which can be shared publicly or used to streamline the local Moodle administration.

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According to the project documentation,

This project will bring flavours to Moodle, allowing Administrators to choose and load a flavour from a public repository. Flavours can contain administration settings, Moodle plugins, sub-plugins, language packs and local language strings. The repository management could be done with a database module instance on moodle.org or through the Modules and Plugins database, although, this project will focus on the development of the flavour packaging and deployment system.

This GSOC project assignee is David Monllaó and his mentor is Michael de Raadt (David has also published a myVideos block [link] back in July ’10).  You can read more (and contribute to the conversation) at http://docs.moodle.org/en/Development:Moodle_flavours.

Sounds like it will be a potential way to copy/share Moodle “distributions” which include various addons and plugins optimized for language learning, video recording or another Moodle site specialty.

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