As usual here are a few schools and institutions “gone Moodle” either in their new adoption, migration or novel use of the platform.

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  • Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA , USA [article]: SSU is embracing a more technological approach to course delivery and moving slowly away from the all bricks and mortar, student in the seat learning paradigm.  Moodle will provide students and teachers opportunities to learn some materials and engage each other online through the Moodle LMS.  The effort is both driven by the need to provide superior learning experiences and to keep costs borne by students from rising.  According to the article,

SSU is supporting the “Moodle Platform,” an open source program model for learning management.

As a result, SSU is beginning to move away from the historical model, based on seat time or filling chairs in classrooms, to embrace this new reality. This is also seen as a way to reduce campus infrastructure costs and to help keep course fees at reasonable levels.

The school already uses an online learning management system called Moodle… Moodle gives students access to resources and material such as videos and slideshows for assignments and essentially lets them learn from anywhere.

  • University of Montana Western, Montana, USA [article | Moodle site]: UMW is adoptiong Moodle via Moodlerooms hosted services and will be migrating from WebCT this year.  Students will begin logging into the new course system on the 1st day of the Fall semester.  According to the article,

The full adoption of Moodle comes after piloting the learning management system for a sample of spring and summer 2011 courses.  The University of Montana, Montana Tech, UM-Helena and the Montana Digital Academy have all adopted Moodle as well.

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