I installed Moodle 2 using my cPanel over the weekend and played a bit with the new Admin interface and menus.  The installation had no problems and was complete in about 2 minutes.  I had near instant access to my new Moodle site (note that I did not upgrade an existing site).  Right now the Moodle is running 2.0.2 (which is the most recent release available through Bluehost.com.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Upon logging in for the first time I was instantly hit with an administration page having to do with LDAP settings which had changed (as this was a new install I thought that was an interesting place to start anyone just getting to their site for the first time), but after a quick bout of confusion as to why I was seeing that page I just took the leap of faith and clicked “save changes” and continued to the site.

Aside from the drastically changed navigation, 2.0.2 was familiar and easy to get started for course creation.  I haven’t explored all of the new features but I do have a road map for this particular site which will support automatically transferred certifications using a combination of course completion, conditional activities and (I hope) the certificate module which has yet to be released.  This trifecta of tools should allow for an automatically issued certification only after students have completed x, y and z.

More on this soon.


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