As usual here are a few institutions who’ve “Gone Moodle” recently or are making headlines with their Moodle usage.

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  • Idaho State University, [student paper]: Freshman get schooled on the availability of course resources in Moodle as an asset to their learning.  ISU has been using Moodle for several years and upperclassman look to it as a source of vital information and an indispensable fall back for course info and updates.
  • Rocky View Schools, Alberta, Canada [article]: Moodle has been added to the repertoire of this school’s technological tools for student learning.  Moodle and Google Docs are the center piece of a push for more integrated learning throughout the system.
  • Mythgard Institute, virtual [press release]: The Mythgard Institute for Tolkien studies, medieval literature, Renaissance literature, fantasy literature, and classical literature and languages is the central online learning destination for anyone seeking higher education in archaic/ancient knowledge.
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