Gone Moodle: CSU Fullerton, Case Western, Virtual University of Uganda, NNI and the ATS


Here are a few schools and organizations that have “gone Moodle” recently.  Either piloting, adopting, testing or building their own Moodle sites to support learning in various ways.

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  • Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH [article]: Case Western is now piloting Moodle as a possible replacement for it’s current Blackboard installation and license.  “A Moodle pilot program as an alternative to Blackboard Learn is being put into the works…It will be operational in the spring.”  10 courses are part of the pilot.
  • Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA [article]: CSU Fullerton unveiled it’s new LMS based on Moodle but called “TITANium”.  Cool name.  “Described as the first of many Academic Technology projects, CSUF will replace Blackboard with “TITANium” by June of 2012. TITANium is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS), or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), that CSUF has acquired for free.”
  • American Traffic Solutions, Florence, KY [release]: ATS is working with a local vendor (non-partner) to implement a new Moodle site.  The site will support ATS by providing and hosting online training modules and SCORM.
  • Virtual University of Uganda, Uganda, Africa [article]: from the article,

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) awarded a provisional licence to the Virtual University of Uganda, which makes it Uganda’s first virtual learning institution. Virtual University of Uganda will offer its courses solely over the internet.

It’s electronic backbone–servers, and backup support–is overseas, in Germany and the Netherlands, a decision prompted by the instability of local service providers (internet and electricity). The classrooms, meeting rooms, registry and a library that can be accessed by the general public are fully virtual, using a Moodle platform hosted in the Netherlands. Its administration offices, meanwhile, are in Muyenga.

  • National Networking Initiative, Australia [release]: Netspot (Moodle Partner) will be building out the NNI which has “been established to facilitate and sustain a collaborative network between higher education professional associations”.
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