Gone Moodle: Book clubs, Snow Days and more


As always, here are a few Moodle related articles focused on Moodle integration and use around the globe.

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  • USD379, Kansas USA [article]: 6th grades at a school in USD379 are using Moodle to help engage a group of 3rd grade reading partners as they navigate through books such as Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes.  While students do meet once a week, the majority of their communications happens on their Moodle installation, filling the gaps in book discussion week by week.
  • Mount Vernon High School, Ohio USA [article]: high schoolers this week waved goodbye to the age of snow days and welcomed Moodle as their “alternate learning venue on calamity days”.  Seems that the internet has provided a solution to school closures by providing a digital medium for school resources and activities.  Mount Vernon HS last week tried the system out twice, according to the article, in response to the national snow storm.  Around 80% of students were able to “attend” virtually.

A variety of learning activities were taking place, said [high school principal Kathy Kasler]. “Some assignments were independent exercises; some teachers had a scheduled online discussion; some were linked and going to a different web page; some teachers had posted online quizzes and the students had to take the quiz right then and there.”

  • Rutgers Prep, New Jersey, USA [article]: students at Rutgers Prep are using Moodle to fill the educational gaps caused by snow days.  While it’s not a replacement for the total number of days required a school be open, it has been an exercise in creating a continuous educational experience for students (with no lags or pauses).  According to the article,

Teachers uploaded pre-planned lessons, and the district’s 700 students were able to access classwork at home during the snow day and given two weeks to complete the assignments.