Gone Moodle: BlueSky, Northern Beaches Christian, and Abilene Schools


As usual here are a few schools and organizations in the news lately concerning their use or adoption of Moodle in the classroom:

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  • BlueSky Online School, Minnesota, USA [Press Release]: BlueSky chooses Moodle as their LMS and Moodlerooms as their hosting provider according to the press release.  BlueSky is Minnesota’s first online charter school for middle and high school students.

The online school’s new LMS is comprised of a streamlined student information system, Genius SIS, andan open-source based online classroom and learning environment, Moodle Rooms. The combination ofthese technologies gives teachers and staff insight into student work and progress, such as time spentlogged in and actively reviewing material, test and quiz taking, and communications of various types andformats. It then uses that data to display a student’s current status and progress to parents andcounselors.

  • Northern Beaches Christian School, Terry Hills, New South Wales, Australia [article from The Age]: in an article focused on the architecture of schools and designing physical learning environments, the virtual learning environments employed by NBCS to extent their new physical spaces was highlighted.  Seems like a powerful combination.  Check out their Moodle at http://learn.nbcs.nsw.edu.au/.
  • Abilene Schools, Abilene, Texas, USA [article from the Abilene Reflector-Chronicle]: Abilene schools have been using Moodle and other technologies for a year and have met some success; they hope to extend the use of these tools to foster more blended learning experiences for students on par with the future courses they will take in college using similar platforms.  According to Assistant Superintendent Denise Guy,

Quite a few of the teachers use Moodle.  That’s more of an organizational tool that allows you to bring content and testing and discussion boards all together. It is similar to Blackboard. If anyone has taken a K-State or Fort Hays State class they have done something with Blackboard and that is what Moodle is. That again is a step toward a blended learning environment.

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