Free Moodlebites Moodle tutorial course posted to the MOOCH


Following the RSS feed from the MOOCH is pretty interesting, it’s a great way to see new Moodle sites and to stay up to date on what courses are available for both download and enrollment.  The most recent course that caught my eye is the Moodlebites (official Moodle training partner) “Understanding Moodle Free Introduction” which is available at: (the MOOCH URL is Note that this course is not for download but is open to the public/guests.


The course and materials are curated/administered by Moodlebites which is a part of HRDNZ (

The course has main sections:

  1. Intro
  2. Moodle Fundamentals
  3. History and Development
  4. Comparison with other LMSs

And ends with a quiz to test your knowledge.  It boasts a pretty sharp course layout as well.

Check it out now: and don’t forget to visit/participate in the MOOCH: