Unfortunately we got a quick update on the status of Folderview, the new course format from Moodlerooms and it will most likely not be ready for inclusion in the 2.1 release coming at the end of the month.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Folderview is a contribution from some folks with a really strong interest in improving and maintaining Moodle, so I was reviewing it in an attempt to get it into 2.1 to solve the well-known problems with long courses. Unfortunately, even though it’s close, it won’t be ready in time for 2.1,

Says Martin Dougiamas [link].  While this is a little bit of a set back for those seeking a non-standard Moodle course format in Moodle 2 it does seem that the format is coming and will be released.  Stay tuned as we try to find out.

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