“Folderview” a new anti-Scroll of Death course format for Moodle 2


During my presentation at iMoot this year it was mentioned that there was a new course format coming for Moodle 2 which worked directly to prevent “Scroll of Death”.  Seems that the format and it’s developers have both been named.  According to a forum post at Moodle.org by Martin Dougiamas (in reference to the development priorities at Moodle HQ),

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

As for what we can work on internally, that comes down to me at the moment and the resources we can get together.  There’s a lot of important things vying for those resources right now.  One of them is getting folderview into 2.1, it’s a course format from Moodlerooms that is aimed squarely at the scroll of death (by putting sections on separate pages in a better way than the section menu does now). (Emphasis is mine.)

Read the original post here.  Check out some of the cool things that Moodlerooms is doing here: http://www.moodlerooms.com/blog/

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  1. Information about Folderview from the makers: http://manuals.moodlerooms.com/display/JOULE2/FolderView+Course+Format

    Folder is a new term for section.

    There seems to be at least two different icons for the expand/collapse and for the goto folder action – but hard to tell what this navigation is really like

    It includes a new editing paradigm. he dreaded icons seem to be still there, but some sensible links as well like add topic, add resources at the top, rather than in each section.

    Well, that’s as far as I got, a huge change.

    If anyone has access to a demo site, I’d love to look.

  2. Well, the latest news from Martin on Thursday 2 June: “Folderview is a contribution from some folks with a really strong interest in improving and maintaining Moodle, so I was reviewing it in an attempt to get it into 2.1 to solve the well-known problems with long courses. Unfortunately, even though it’s close, it won’t be ready in time for 2.1”

    From: http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=175758#p774695

  3. I saw that. Huge bummer for 2.1 but that’s not to say it doesn’t hit the M&P repository this summer. I still am excited for Mrooms to release it…I think like Flexpage it will be a great option. That said, there are other promising course formats soon to be released (and some great ones that have already been released).

  4. Joesph, any news? You mention Flexpage in youe comment: how does this relate to Folderview? Two products from Moodlerooms?
    Is Flexpage out for 2+? Is it available to non-Moodlerooms clients?

  5. Derek, Flex page is not available for Moodle 2 (as far as I know). Folderview should be available widely with the release of 2.3 this Summer.


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