“Folderview” a new anti-Scroll of Death course format for Moodle 2


During my presentation at iMoot this year it was mentioned that there was a new course format coming for Moodle 2 which worked directly to prevent “Scroll of Death”.  Seems that the format and it’s developers have both been named.  According to a forum post at Moodle.org by Martin Dougiamas (in reference to the development priorities at Moodle HQ),

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

As for what we can work on internally, that comes down to me at the moment and the resources we can get together.  There’s a lot of important things vying for those resources right now.  One of them is getting folderview into 2.1, it’s a course format from Moodlerooms that is aimed squarely at the scroll of death (by putting sections on separate pages in a better way than the section menu does now). (Emphasis is mine.)

Read the original post here.  Check out some of the cool things that Moodlerooms is doing here: http://www.moodlerooms.com/blog/