Imagine this scenario: you start-up any computer with internet, login into your Education portal and voila, easy 2-click authentication to Moodle and instant access to your own personal, safe online file repository; all in the cloud.

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Sound good?  Sounds like you need to check out eyeOs.

eyeOs is a cool browser-based program that looks as if you’re working from a desktop computer (replete with application icons and a start menu options).  One of the developers, Jose Raul Perez, recently posted to that they were

working on an integration of Moodle an eyeOs ( Our idea–and the reason because we started–is to create a complete environment for education, creating an application for eyeOs of moodle.  Education + EyeOs + Moodle = EducME []”

The demo site is now live and you can check out what eyeOs and Moodle together can look like.  If deployed properly it seems that this could be a truly web-based version of Moodle, allowing students to forego any storage device for downloading/saving their documents.  As a browser-based desktop the eyeOs offers students a storage area (or folders) online, once logged in all saved files would be available.  As long as they have an internet connection they could access Moodle through eyeOs and upload any homework or assignments through that mode.

It’s pretty slick and I probably am not doing it justice. But if you’re interested in creating a Moodle environment that might play nicely with a new ChromeOS Chromebook this might be what you’re looking for:

Note that my name on the demo course is pure coincidence 😉  Screenshots below of the demo site in action.

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  1. Muy buena idea de implementar moodle con eyeos.
    estoy imbestigando acerca de la integracion de moodle con eyeos unificar el usuario y contraseña.
    alguien me podria decir cuales serian los pasos a realizar.
    gracias se los agradecere mucho


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