Easy TinyMCE Port for Moodle 1.9


John Ehringer recently posted at Moodle.org about the new TinyMCE 3 installation instructions for 1.9.12.  I was able to install this successfully for Moodle 1.9.10* using only the three-step process outlined by the TinyMCE team at Github: https://github.com/WebCourseworks/moodle/tree/tinymce.  Specifically you’ll want to peruse the readme installation provided in the Moodle.org forum post: https://github.com/WebCourseworks/moodle/blob/tinymce/readme-tinymce.md

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The three steps:

  1. Copy this file into your Moodle installation: /lib/tinymcelib.ph
  2. Copy this directory into your Moodle installation /lib/editor/tinymce/, overwrite the existing directory.
  3. Add the following two lines of code to /lib/setup.php before the ?> at the end of the file:


Once I did this TinyMCE was now the new editor!

Step 1 and 2: Upload and overwrite:

Step 3: add code


*note that it doesn’t work in Chrome for me currently (I am looking into it) but it does work in both Internet Explorer and Chrome Firefox very well.  If that’s an issue you might look at one of the other editor in Chrome solutions: http://lmspulse.com/2010/making-moodle-work-better-on-chrome-browser/

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve read in the final note, that the Chrome web browser works fine and doesn’t work at the same time. May it be that TinyMCE works correctly on IE and Firefox?

    In my opinion, it is very important to detail where the editor correctly works to inform all readers and potential administrators wanting to use it.

    Nice job! Thanks in advance!

  2. Sorry Jordi! that is a typo. It does work in both IE and Firefox (not Chrome). But the developers did let me know that it’s probable that my version number is what’s keeping it from displaying in Chrome (so there’s hope for Moodlers running 1.9.12. Here’s some info and a link that the developers suggested would help,

    It sounds like you probably have a moodle that is pre 1.9.11. In moodle 1.9.11 there is a fix that will allow HTML editor to be used for chrome browsers. This TinyMCE installation will only replace the old HTML editor if it is going to be shown.

    If you want to modify the file one off to get it to show on chrome browsers you can find the change here https://github.com/moodle/moodle/commit/c476a2ec.

  3. Adam, not sure. What I can say is that most modern browsers now have spell checkers build in by default or through extensions. That’s the best way to go in my opinion.

  4. Answered my own question after some rummaging as it goes, works a treat with Google spell check engine!

    Annoyingly our users use IE! 🙁


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