True to the effort to redesign/organize the Moodle Docs, some of the content has been updated already for Moodle 2.0.  Check out this Doc of the Day for Getting Started with Moodle, part of the Moodle in Education pages.

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Link: Moodle_in_education#Starting_with_Moodle

Starting with Moodle

Countless anecdotes from Moodle users suggest that the best way to learn Moodle is by simply trying and using it in ways you find it creative and useful – like a box of Lego.

Getting started for teachers – general overview of technical features of a course with links to expand your knowledge of the how to make different features work, currently for Moodle 1.x. – a course with explanations, FAQ, examples of use, useful links, tips, strategies and resources to help educators make the most of Moodle
Mt Orange School Demo – A demo site in Moodle 2.0, fully populated with accounts and examples to see and play with. Great way to explore the features of Moodle and many ways they could be used in places where people teach and learn. Site link – Mt Orange School Demo
Teaching with Moodle – a wiki on common approaches, strategies (needs updating).
Download Moodle – Choose from the official Moodle packages to install on your own server.


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