If you’re a Moodler in search of easy answers from the community, really the best possible destination is Moodle.org’s very helpful forums.  There are ongoing threads and discussions covering a huge array of Moodle products, modules, development efforts, bug issues and more, you just need to know 1. where to look and 2. how to ask.

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Which is why the Forums Code of Conduct is so important for a Moodler: http://docs.moodle.org/en/Moodle.org_forums_Code_of_Conduct

Tips for getting the fastest answer include,

  • checking the FAQs and searching the forums before posting (it’s possible that other Moodlers have had and resolved your same issue!)
  • find the appropriate forum
  • post a clear and descriptive title to your post
  • outline your Moodle version and specific hosting details (this will help the community triage and solve your particular issue)
  • provide feedback

Be sure to read the quick tips about #Good_conduct as well which highlight the do’s and don’ts of posting at Moodle.org.  It’s a great community resource and I encourage all Moodlers to seek help in the forums (and to contribute answers where applicable).

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