Doc of the Day: Legacy Course Files for 2.0


When you get your new Moodle 2.0 test site set up this might be the first thing you enable for teachers/users.  A little familiarity in new territory can go along way.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Legacy course files as described will bring that “Files” link back to course administration, giving you quick access to the files uploaded to your course.


  1. The biggest issue I see with 2.0 since our upgrade from 1.9 is that file storage is not as readily acceptable as it was. For example, I would like to be able to add to the legacy file folders some new uploads, but that does not seem to be available. Also, being able to find uploaded files easily seems to be problematic…

  2. The sooner Moodle 2.0 compromises its strict enforcement of its new file management system the better. Developers, admins and teachers should be allowed to choose. If the new file management system is as good as they claim, it shouldn’t be too difficult to persuade people to adopt it, rather than annoying everyone with force!

    I can see this being an issue that will prevent Moodle 2.0 upgrades for many organisations.

  3. Matt, thanks for the comment. I’ve been trying out (or trying to try out?) some of the file storage options/repository options built into Moodle 2 (e.g. Dropbox integration) but haven’t been able to get them connected easily. I wonder if there’s an alternate way built into 2.0 which works similarly (or better than) the old course files system…any thoughts?


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