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I attended the last Moodle Developer Meeting on 11/22 as an observer and got to learn a lot about the process and thought that goes into each and every Moodle change/improvement.  It was great to hear about the many cool features that are coming in December with Moodle 2.2 but a little bit of a bummer to hear that some of the coolest features have been pushed until mid-2012 with the release of 2.3.  In any event, here’s a brief recap of the meeting’s discussion/agenda.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Additional information can be found,

  1. (a post by Moodle developer Sam Hemelryk)
  2. (the official minutes)

Here’s a truncated list of the features you can expect in 2.2:

  • LTI support – this allows Moodle to pull grades in from other services which could be great for 3rd party integration of web apps that might be used to supplement a Moodle course (LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability)
  • New Reports – these are now a standard type of plugin (so look out for awesome new reports that you can run on your site)
  • Perhaps the most useful/greatest improvement is Advanced Grading Plugins which allow for Rubrics and other types of grading tools.
  • myMobile theme now in core
Next in 2.3 (mid-2012)
  • Multi-tenancy (this was originally slated for 2.2)
  • Usability improvements (say good-bye to the “turn editing on” button
  • redesign of the Moodle assignment module
  • better help files
  • some Totara features integrated to core
  • and lots more.
If you’re interested in attending a Moodle Developer Meeting be sure to check the schedule at  The next meeting is February 2012.
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