Here’s a pretty slick module for Moodle that allows you to have students upload PDFs and then you can annotate and correct them with some in-browser tools before “handing” them back via the Moodle module.  The module was created by Davo Smith (@davosmith).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Installation notes: on shared hosting ( I did not need to install GhostScripts as suggested in the installation process on (however if you self-host you may need to install that capability).

You can download the module/plugin at

Here’s a video that highlights the process [direct link @YouTube],

Here’s what the module looks like when in use:

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  1. Simply brilliant stuff!!! Just what the (Moodle) doctor ordered. Brings in a new era of online submission with embedded responses by the lecturer / facilitator. The video is clear and I can’t wait to try this one out. Thanks Davo for creating this. And thanks to Joseph for highlighting it. It (Moodle) gets better all the time doesn’t it?


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