DarkMoodle 1.1 Theme Updated and re-released (Batman’s Moodle Theme)


I joke of course.  Batman’s Moodle theme is top-secret.


If it wasn’t though, DarkMoodle might be the theme he used on his 1.9.11 Moodle site.  Re-released and updated by creator, Mike Glover (@twitr_mike), the DarkMoodle theme is now fully usable on the newest release of 1.9 and available for download from his site.  Check out the theme in action at my site, Joedle.com (for a limited time only) or in the screenshots below.

The redesign features,

  • New icons,
  • Crisp layout,
  • Better link structure,
  • Improved color scheme and accessibility.

Visit Mike’s post for the download details: http://www.mikeglover.co.uk/darkmoodle-1-1/