Here’s a great copyright resources from UNC Charlotte and Peggy Hoon which shows what you can legally put in/on your Moodle course for educational purposes.  From the post,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

While it is great to have a course management system that makes it easy to upload material to your online course, keep in mind that these same features also make it easy to infringe copyright. As in any quality course, content is king. No matter what flash or special effects are built into a system, it takes someone (you) with a comprehensive command of the subject matter to fill the empty Moodle vessel [].

The FAQs guide you in use of Youtube videos, PDFs, and other materials from the web, of course for specific question you should contact your administrators rather than the UNCC Library staff.  If you’re building your Moodle course now and intend to share it later this is definitely something you should be mindful of.

Here’s another handy resource which distills the information similarly at Wabash College:


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