is a free hosting and course sharing site for Spanish language courses (meaning courses in Spanish about any content area, not “learn Spanish” courses) and teachers.  Like many other of the free hosting resources available it’s backed by a for-profit entity (

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According to Hemerson Carreño who contacted us about it, “On this site teachers around the world can upload their courses for free and share them with free or private students.”

A few details:

Description: free hosting of individual classrooms based on Moodle’s LMS (Spanish language)
Ads?: no
3rd party plug-ins: no
Mobile-enabled: no
Support: Some scheduled live support via chat/email support
Business plan: backed by a business
Limits: N/A
Basic Plan: Editing teacher rights and course creation/course restore

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  1. I think you should clarify that this site is not for courses in how to learn the Spanish language, but for courses in Spanish about other subjects.


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