CLAMP recommends using 1.9 for upcoming Academic year


The Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project (CLAMP) report on Moodle 2.0 has been updated.  While they still do not believe that Moodle 2.0 is production-ready for their member institutions and are recommending that their colleges and universities stick to Moodle 1.9; they have gone so far as recommending pilots of Moodle 2.0, according to the report,

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Considerable work has been done on Moodle 2.0 since January 2011, including the resolution of two key blockers (unenrolling a student removes all of the student’s data from the course, wiki causes 1.9 to 2.0 upgrades to fail). However, several blocker issues remain for member schools that will take time to be resolved. In addition, there are several blocks and modules that still need to be converted to 2.0…

CLAMP will be encouraging member schools to run Moodle 2.0 pilots during 2011-2012 in order to help us (and Moodle core) identify bugs as well as develop Moodle 2.0-specific training and documentation.

CLAMP is the developer of a Liberal Arts Edition (LAE) Moodle distribution which is available from their website:

According to the report, CLAMP will be working with Moodle 2.0 over the next year to update/create LAE for the newest version and to help pilot it at volunteer schools.  The main blockers which are preventing CLAMP from recommending an upgrade to Moodle 2.0 include backup/restore issues and a host of incompatibility of the key features included in their Liberal Arts Edition currently available for Moodle 1.9.  While underscoring the blockers they have identified the report writers also included their praise of new features in Moodle 2.0

You can read the whole report in PDF here (report last revised 5/13/2011).

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  1. Allan, thanks for the note. Great to have information from both sides (those who wait and those who’ve already adopted). I think the hesitance of CLAMP largely stems from their customization with the LAE addons. Without those they may be more likely to jump into Moodle 2.0.

  2. The University of Southern California, School of Education, has adopted Moodle 2.0 and are doing so with a Moodle hosting partner ( We have another vendor-partnership operating Moodle 1.9.

    I like vendor-partnerships for the following reasons:
    – Moodle 2.0 is not “mission critical” for the School of Education. We are phasing in coursework, resources, and PD training one class at a time. As our confidence grows so will our content migration rate.

    – Support from all technical areas of the vendor. The vendor has a strong vested interest in resolving problems that customers have encountered — as quickly and effectively as possible. It is one of their “mission critical” goals. It is not a key goal of the Instructional Technology group I manage at the School of Ed. Moodlerooms also performs end-to-end testing of new Moodle 2.0 features and releases them to their customer base when they have passed testing.

    – “There is strength in numbers,” both in priority of trouble-resolution as well as in knowledge, tips and techniques, best practices, etc.

    – Finally, we rely upon our vendor to hire and retain the best technical experts who can focus their skills and expertise on specific Moodle technologies. Educational organizations simply do not have the resources to do that.

    I would be happy to share additional thoughts with any educational organizations who have questions on Moodle 2.0 adoption strategies.

    Ryan Best
    Director of Instructional Technology
    USC/Rossier School of Education


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