Breaking down the Walls of the ‘Walled Garden’ LMS (presentation by @paulbmckenzie)


Here’s a pretty great presentation by Paul McKenzie (@paulbmckenzie) which highlights the pros and cons/problem and solution of using Moodle in the classroom. The pros, Paul says, are that Moodle has a great community, is open source, free to adopt (no license).  The cons include it’s course development learning curve and “walled garden” approach to building on the web.

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The problem, as he sees it is Moodle’s standard feature set which is unappealing to students as is.  His solution includes a few key ways which you can use to “break” down some of the digital walls and integrate a more web2.0 look and feel into the classroom through embedding, RSS, iFrames, and by using Moodle’s standard features like the the Glossary, Wiki, Database and Forums which engage students more directly.

Here’s a direct link to the presentation [] and Paul’s blog [].  Check out the presentation on Prezi embedded below: