According to the recently published 2010 Distance Education Survey Results by the Instructional Technology Council (ITC) there continues to be a shake up in the Learning Management System market with growth for some and drops for others across surveyed institutions.  Note that those surveyed were generally the director of distance learning of one of the 345 ITC member institutions or the 1,200 members of the American Association of Community Colleges.

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A very interesting change is that Blackboard’s family of LMSs (including Angel and WebCT) experienced a 6% drop (from 56% of the surveyed market from 2009 to 2010.  Moodle and Desire2Learn both had increases.  According to the survey results Moodle now commands 10% of the surveyed market.

From the report:

Learning Management System Usage. In 2009, 51 percent of the ITC Survey’s respondents indicated they use Blackboard/WebCT/Angel Learning (27.4 percent use Blackboard, 9.7 percent use WebCT and 13.7 percent Angel Learning) for their learning management system (LMS). In 2010, results indicated a drop of six percentage points for the Blackboard/WebCT/Angel Learning share of the LMS market—down from 56 percent of Blackboard/WebCT users reported in 2008.

Thirty-eight percent of respondents indicated they were considering switching their LMS platform in the next few years. This “one-third” share has been consistent for the past five years of the survey. Sixty-two percent of respondents reported they do not plan to switch their LMS. Sixty-four percent of respondents indicated they restrict the number of LMS platforms their campus will support—this is a drop of 15 percent from just last year, when 77 percent reported they restrict the number of LMS platforms their campus will support.

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