It’s Back to School 2011!  We’ll be running back to school focused posts throughout the week of September 2nd, highlighting some good tips and suggestions for making the most out of your Moodle usage in 2011-2012.  

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It’s the last day of our Back to School series and I wanted to share a few of the tips and tricks that were shared with me when I solicited ideas and info. prior to writing these posts.  The following were in response to the following question:

If you were going to give a few words of advice to a new Moodler, what would you say?

The responses varied, but as you can see below there are some really great tips and ideas for getting started.  It’s not intended to be a solution to your Moodle problems or to represent the way to start using Moodle.  But these words are the wisdom of a good many Moodlers around the world.  Enjoy!

  • Start small. If you can, don’t try to use every possible Moodle tool. Experiment. Use test students (real or Tommy Tester) to try out Moodle from students’ point of view.
  • Focus on one thing in Moodle or one topic/unit. For example: you don’t need to use every single module in Moodle..maybe just focus on Forums and that’s all you use. Or just use Moodle for one topic or unit. (newbies)
  • Enroll students by hour/period using enrollment key.
  • Start small and add slowly. Let your students see you learn.
  • Think big, start small. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by Moodle. Get inspired by other people’s work.
  • Find some other Moodlers and share ideas, skills and knowledge to make new courses. That way it will be fun and you will end up with more and better courses.
  • Take it slowly and don’t try to do too much at once.
  • be patient
  • Ask more about the overview of structure of Moodle, look at some examples. Then find out how to do the first step, which I think is to name the topics that you want to teach for the year. And take one step at a time, don’t load up heaps of resources with no instruction on how to use them.
  • Don´t be affraid..just try it and you will love it.
  • Hasten slowly. Get the basics right before delving deeper.
  • Make sure you make notes of your “tweaks” because when you come to upgrade it can be a mission to “re-tweak” when you have no notes on what you have done.
Thanks for reading and please share these tips!
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