Good news for math teachers across the globe, WIRIS, a provider of a math equation editor plugin for Moodle is giving away site licenses to teachers that contribute to the WIRIS collection of questions on their site:  According to their newsletter published before Thanksgiving this year:

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WIRIS will give away 5 yearly licenses of WIRIS suite* for 500 users for the first five teachers to contribute 20 questions to WIRIS collection for each language or country!

Counting more than 200 languages in the world, this means that we are giving away more than 1000 WIRIS suite licenses!

Send us your quizzes today and, only then, tell all your friends about it…  🙂

Depending on your language you could be a winner still!  For more information click here.

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  1. For any language, you could be a winner still… 🙂

    But don’t sleep on it, English (US), German, Spanish (Spain and Mexico) and Catalan licenses have already started to go away!


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